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May 24, 2018

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Finding Balance

February 17, 2019


We all lead busy lives and finding balance can be difficult. In our case, Mr CC and I are balancing running our handmade business Canalside Creations alongside our respective day jobs and raising two small children, one of whom is not very fond of sleeping!



What’s the answer to finding balance? A magic wand to make baby girl sleep for 12 solid hours would be a good start – I could take on the world then – but awaiting such miracles I think I need to be more realistic. Finding balance for me is not so much about working efficiently (although that certainly helps) as it is deciding what your priorities are and accepting that not everything is going to be perfect all of the time.


Of course, deciding priorities is easier said than done. I want to focus on growing Canalside Creations as much as I can, but not at the expense of quality time with my family. I could spend countless hours trying to promote it online, which sucks time from an already busy schedule, however this little handmade business might one day replace a least some of my paid employment, which would take the pressure off in so many other ways. And it’s all too easy to get sucked into the swamp of envy when you spend too much time on social media (I’m looking at you Instagram!). I have to remind myself you never see the full picture on these platforms.


My current workspace: Instagram-worthy it is not!


So what’s the solution? I guess it’s all about compromise. My day job eats into my time, but it pays the bills so it will stay for now. Processing times on made-to-order coat hooks by Canalside Creations are a little bit longer than I’d like at 2-3 weeks, but I don’t want to make commitments I cannot keep, so for the time being we will stick with that. I’m also making a point of not constantly being on social media. It’s great for getting Canalside Creations seen, but it’s such a time sink and a mind game.


The children do sometimes watch a bit too much TV when I need to get stuff done but overall, they see much more of Mr CC and I than they would if we still worked standard, away from home, full time jobs, so I’m sure it won’t do them any harm. And at some point I hope to spend some time relaxing with Mr CC. A girl can have dreams!



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Canalside Creations is a handmade craft business run by us, a husband and wife team, and inspired by our two small children. Each and every purchase makes us do a little happy dance and means we can keep running our little business and spend more time home with our little family. Thank you for supporting handmade!




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