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May 24, 2018

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Meet the Maker: Ink & Folly

June 13, 2018

Here is the next installment in our Meet the Maker series. Let's meet Ink & Folly


1) Who are you and what do you make?  


Hi! I'm Charlie, the maker behind Ink & Folly prints and greeting cards. All my designs start life as a sketch which is then carved into a piece of lino, inked up and printed. Sometimes I'll take the prints a stage further and scan them, colouring them digitally. The process of carving the lino and seeing the print revealed for the first time is very satisfying but playing around with colours digitally is a lot of fun too.


 2) What first got you into making things?


I can't remember a time when I wasn't into making things! All through school, college, uni and beyond I've been designing, sewing, painting or creating something. Career-wise I went down the buying route so for years anything I made was purely for my own pleasure. It wasn't until I decided to have a family and give up the day job that things changed. I set up my own home baking business which worked well around family life but also allowed me to get creative designing and decorating delicious goodies!


Printing is actually a relatively new venture for me. A visit to The House of Illustration's 2017 Christmas Fair reminded me how much I missed art and design and I made a promise to myself to get back into it in the New Year. Unfortunately, I no longer have access to the print room facilities of uni days which meant I needed to find something that I could do at the end of my kitchen table. That's one of the great things about lino printing, no huge printing equipment required and everything can be packed away in time for the school run!



3) What does a day in the life of Ink & Folly look like? (if there is such a things as a standard day?)


 It varies but ideally, I'll have an idea for my next print and get that carved and printed at the start of the week then work on it digitally and when I'm happy get it photographed and share it on my website and social media platforms. It doesn't always work out like that though; this week is half term for us so I'm writing this in the café in IKEA while the kids are in the play area! Luckily they're at an age where I can still do the odd bit of work here and there around them being off school.



4) What hopes and plans do you have for your handmade business the future?


I have so many hopes and plans and a lot of work to do for Ink & Folly. For now I'm enjoying developing my style and interacting with other artists both in real life and online. The creative community are a great source of support and inspiration which is so important when you spend a lot of time in your own little world, working from home.



You can find Charlie and Ink & Folly on their website, Etsy, Facebook and Instagram.


 If you would like to be included in the Meet the Maker series, please send us a message!





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