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May 24, 2018

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Why buy handmade?

April 1, 2018

If you need to buy coat hooks or baby clothes, then there is plenty of choice available out there. But we want to convince you to buy handmade. True, it may take a little longer to arrive than something off the shelf in a big box shop, and it may cost a little more than a mass-produced item, but there are lots of positives to buying handmade.


Skill, time and care


Most makers pour a lot of time, skill and care into what they do. We're no exception here at Canalside Creations. Our coat hooks for example get at least 3 coats of child-safe paint, and are sanded in between until we're satisfied the finish is bright and even. Then each coat hook is varnished front and back to ensure it will be tough and long-lasting in your home or baby's nursery. Our processing time for online orders is usually 1-2 weeks, but we think it's worth the wait for a quality product.. So remember if something takes a little longer, it's probably because a lot of skill, time and care went into making it.


Something unique 


Sometimes you just cannot get exactly what you're after off the shelf. Not only can handmade items be very creative and original, many professional crafters make bespoke, custom pieces. Even standard range items are unique, for example each baby vest we sell is drawn entirely by hand, using child safe fabric markers which don't run in the wash. So no two are ever quite alike. 



Supporting small businesses


There's something wonderful about knowing that every time you buy from a handmade business, you are personally helping that business along and cheering up that maker's day. Campaigns like Just A Card raise awareness of how even a small purchase (perhaps just a card but it could be anything) help small, independent businesses keep going. In our case, by supporting our small business, you're helping us to manage our own working lives and spend more time with our young family, which to us is priceless.



There are loads of talented, handmade businesses out there. Etsy is a good place to start online, but most high streets have a few independent shops that are full of treasures. And check out your local area for craft fairs, a great way to see handmade products before you buy and even meet the person behind it all. So if you need to find that special something for a dear friend or relative, please think handmade.





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